Volume 1, Joe Franco
Record Plant Remote Series

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Reel Drums Deluxe:
23 CD’s total.
18 Multitrack CD’s
3 24 Bit Stereo CD’s (Acid and Rex)
1 Master Disc
1 Audition CD
Deluxe CD Case.
Reel Drums Sessions:
20 CD’s total
18 Multitrack CD’s
1 Master Disc
1 Audition CD
Normal case.
Reel Drums Stereo:
3 CD’s total.
24 Bit Stereo CD-ROMS.
Now supports ACID and REX!
Reel Drums One Shots:
Disc 18, the One-Shots session.
Reel Drums is available in Pro Tools 5.1, Nuendo/CubaseSX .npr, Digital Performer, or Acid and REX formats.